domenica 17 novembre 2013

Gli U15 tornano alla vittoria

Lesmo - Eureka 78-42

23-17 18-12  22-12  15-7
Lesmo: Palmiotti, Travaglino 2, Colicchio 5, Monguzzi 8, Beretta 11, '00 Perego S. 9,
Perego 2, Vimercate 3, Zenoni 12, Borghesi 2, Calo 4, Laffitte 17

After a disappointing lost against Forti e Liberi the Lesmo U15 team look to rebound, and get back to their winning!! 

Eureka was a team that we played for a "amichevole".  So, they were familiar with us, and they were looking for an upset.  Ah... ah... Ha .. Ha.. No No No.  We started of a bit slow but after our first timeout the boys responded and finished the first quarter with a 12 point lead, 23 - 11. The second qtr the team continue to build on their lead, and finish with a halftime of score 41 - 23!  The game continue in this fashion with Lesmo winning by 36 pts!!

Samu Zenoni played his best game that I ever saw him play.  If Samu continues to play like this at practice and in the games we will be the hard to beat.  We need this from him he is a vital part of our team. He is probably one of the tallest players in the league!  Good job Samu!  Keep it up!!

Another noteable, was the way Eureka fans choose to cheer, disturbing their own team, and us.   Something I will never get use to as an American coach. 

Way to handle it Boyz,
Good Job Boyz!!!

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Claudio Secchi ha detto...

I genitori Eureka erano in disaccordo con l'arbitraggio
indolente.Accettano pienamente il verdetto del campo,ma nessuna lezione di vita ,sport o altro.