domenica 1 dicembre 2013

U15 - Vittoria a Paderno

Paderno Basket - A.S.Lesmo 48-88

Lesmo: Palmiotti 4, Borghesi A., Travaglino 9, Colicchio 8, Monguzzi 10, Beretta 12, Perego 9, Vimercati 8, Zenoni 2, Borghesi S. 5, Calò 3, Laffitte 18

We start this game with a soft defense in the first half, but always under control.
Laffitte, Travaglino e Monguzzi have dominated the game with hundreds rebound and easy lay ups!

The third quarter we change the game.
Finally Luca Beretta comes to the game, with 5 basket for 10 points that quarter.

The last ten minutes we control the game and almost all have done a basket!
Well done guys!!

Now we need 3 strong practices to prepare the next game at Cusano.


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