domenica 22 dicembre 2013

U15 - Sconfitta di misura a Varedo

Varedo 57-Lesmo 56

Lesmo: Borghesi A., Travaglino 4, Colicchio 2, Monguzzi 6, Beretta 8, Perego S. 00, Perego S. 1, Vimercati 2, Zenoni 6, Borghesi S. 2, Calò, Laffitte 25

Parziali: 11-15, 16-6, 16-19, 14-16

Probably the worst game of the season for U15.
They played without passion and concentration.

The worst thing...FREE THROWS!!!
7 on 25!!!

The last 30 seconds was incredible...
We were losing by 1 and we grab the rebound, start the fastbreak and miss an open shot..we grab another offense rebound and we miss the second open shot in row.
It's not finish, we grab the third offense rebound in row and we MISS THE THIRD OPEN SHOT!!!

Bad luck and some bad choices are the result of the game!!
Now Christmas break and happy holidays!!

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