domenica 8 dicembre 2013

U15 - Nulla da fare a Cusano

Cusano 75 Lesmo 50
18 - 19, 12 - 7, 22 - 12, 14 - 12
I knew Cusano was going to be a big test for us, and it was with some help from the referee.
Cusano is a good team well balance good players and well coached.
The game started off great, both teams were even.  Exchanging baskets. Lesmo was able to stay in the game utilizing full ct pressure. At the end of the first quarter Lesmo was winning by 1! 
The 2nd quarter is when things change, 3 of our starters received their 3rd foul. Dominic, Matteo and Mongu!  This situation affected our play the referee didn't allow us to play our style of play.  But, as a former player when a referee call fouls this way we need to adjust our game.  This we didn't do, plus missing layups and FTs didn't help our situation.   We played most of the 3 rd qtr without 3 of our starters. Dominic and Mongu both foul out in the 4th qtr.
We have work to do!  Season is long, and we will rebound from this game and win our next game.  Cusano played well we will see them in Lesmo.

Go.... Fight... Win!... LESMO!!!!!

Coach Demetrius Laffitte

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