lunedì 13 gennaio 2014

U15 sconfitti con onore sul campo della capolista

Bollate 54 Lesmo 35

18 - 4, 8 - 13, 10 - 10, 18 - 8
Lesmo : Borghesi A., Travaglino 4, Lerco, Colicchio, Monguzzi 8, Beretta 5, Perego '00, Vimercate 2, Zenoni, Borghesi S., Calo, Laffitte 17

For the first game of 2014, Lesmo U15 had a big challenge tonight.  BOLLATE!!  First in the league, and we fought for 3 quarters.  I am very proud of the way the team played.  The big difference between us, and Bollate is they are much BIGGER!!.  Besides, the first quarter, and the last 4...5 mins of the 4th quarter we battle with them.  After the first quarter we realized that if we don't fight with the giants they will destroy us, and that is what the team did.
This started with Coli, lots of energy and hustle he had at 7 rebounds in least than 8 mins in the first half.  Coli played with passion tonight.  Dominic played great defense intensity, which lead to many steals for easy baskets!!  Dominic also had some good assists tonight.  Luca B. had a couple of big baskets for us, and Mongu started the 3rd quarter with 3 straight baskets. 
Overall great job boys!!

Go Fight Win!... Lesmo!!!!

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